1. a) An outrageous TV character who likes to wear yellow clothes and big sunglasses.
b) Not Ali A, Ali B, Ali C not Ali D....Ali.....Ali..... but Ali G!

2. Ali G language: Derivation of English language. root: Ali G in DA house
Da = The
Ya = You
Sup = What is up?
r = Are
Ma = My
Gotcha = Go to
Gimme = Give me
Kewl = Cool
Aight = Alright
Meista = Master
Wat = What
Wanna = Want to

Note: pluralz are ended in z: i.e. Rulez = rules
by ^Sparco^ January 28, 2005
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Top Definition
A popular fictional character in the UK well known for his satire and interviews of certain politicians and other high class Britons which all originated from a Channel 4 show called "The 11 O' Clock Show".

From then on he became very popular on the show until the show was axed and Ali G ended up having his own show as well as his own film called "Ali G In Da House". Probably most famous for starring in Madonna's music video for "Music" as well as other various appearances.
Famous Ali G quotes:

"Who was da first British King, was it King Dong?"
by Spiceymike February 04, 2004
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In his own words: "Me woz born in da heart off da Staines ghetto. I has lived wiv me Nan in Staines at 37 Cherry Blossom Close from da day me woz born, coz wiv both me parents havin been smoked, dere werent no one else around to look afta her. Me has been carin for her ever since. Me woz failed by da skool system and hated every minute me spent in da classroom. In fact added together, dat time woz probly da most borin 3 hours of me life - altho me do still go to a skool re-union every second Monday at Staines Job Centre... As well as bein unemployed - i iz also got a lot off well important careers. As head of Da West Staines Massive, me control da most peace lovin and violent gang in da hole of Barkshire. Afta happearin on some crap programme dat woz on at 11 a clock or somefin, it werent long before me ad me own show. Dis meant me was able to take a in depf look at a lot off serious issues.... I iz now easily da most respekted face on Brittish telly and it iz probably only a matter off time before me get offered me own slot on Channel 5 - or hopefully even cable..."
Me iz Ali G, da main meista from Stainez wiv da erbal remedy.
by M-M January 12, 2006
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One of the alter egos of the Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. As Ali G he is under the guise of an urban white ghetto supastar.
I is Ali G, and I is here with none other than my main man, Buzz Aldrin.
by GuidoPosse69 January 23, 2005
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1.The most complete cool dude on the surface on the earth, and the guy all the attractive females want to suck off
2.Also the name of the chavster/gangsta guy from the tv, which is a quality programme espeicially when your pissed - the movie is best tho.
1. Ali G, what a complete legend and general hero of the North of England
2. Let's get some beers in and watch the Ali G movie again
by DarkIcon January 18, 2005
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dis mon haz hiz ve'ey own show on da telly. itz a complete riot, and even a billion, million, squillion times funnier if ya watch it while on weed.
ali g! ali g! ali g!
by ThatsBriskBaby April 05, 2005
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The coolest guy on the planet who had a contract with HBO to make 2 seasons, who should seriously consider making another season.

The popinickels of him not being able to do a third season is that he is becoming increasingly popular, severly limiting the amount of interviews he can hold with famous peeople & officials.

One more thing to love about his show is Borat, the funniest Kazakhstani Mustache Dude who seems to get the best of me everytime I watch it.
I say, put Ali G back on the air and send him to India where no one owns a TV so he can interview people who like cows and such
by Mike Ock Itches June 06, 2006
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1)The funniest fucker ever.
2)The british tom green, however, funnier cause this man knows how to "diggity check himself before he wrecks himself"
3)"Respect" to ali and the pun-a-ni
4)HBO cut him off cause he was too funny
"Hey billy, Lets go wear some tommy gear."
"Dawg dont run on Ali's style. Ya gots to respect."
by Hooman December 12, 2003
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