Extremely independent.

Doesn't like the word 'no' unless she is the one saying it.

Extremely caring. Enjoys tending to people and animals.

Takes time to listen, although she doesn't always agree.

No project is out of her range. If she doesn't know anything about it, she will find out.

She walks into a room and takes control, with her sense of humor and ability to have any type of conversation.

Extremely knowledgable and intelligent.

LOVES to shop, and shoes are her favorite. STYLE STYLE STYLE.
Alexys , shop , independent , intelligence , caring
by texas77665 February 7, 2010
*An Alexys is the ideal girl your parents want you to date,and what you want too.
*Alexys' tend to be very athletic.
*She is very defensive and independent.
*Alexys does not like doing group work because the other members will either slow her down or use her.
*Do not make an Alexys angry.
*Catcalling WILL make an Alexys angry.
*An Alexys usually likes more innocent boys,that are actually half-decent.Preferably 3/4 decent.
"Ayo girl,lemme get ya number!"
"Alright!Its 846-YOU-WISH"
"Thats gotta be an Alexys"
by acc915 May 13, 2015
Doesn't know what the word "no" means inless she says it.
Could care less what others think. Could be your best friend or your worst enemy. Attracted to the wrong guys.Brown haired, brown eyed, big booty Alexys's are the best.
Guy1: Dang whos booty is that?
Guy2: Thats gotta be an Alexys!
by Taalyelxoyrs August 7, 2011
·This girl has a big booty and is very beautiful.

·She is very athletic and independent

·She's also tends to stress very easily and isn't trustful of many.
·When she loves she loves truly and deeply.
·She can be very sexual but is fun to hangout with as she has a bubbly personality, but don't make her angry.
Alexys is cool
by xoxoxlove January 31, 2015
The most amazing human being you will ever meet. Super charming, beautiful, amazingly gorgeous, funny and the sweetest soul ever. Also a little bit dumb (just a little)

Synonyms- Gorgeous, Beautiful, Sexy, Goddess, Queen, Perfect, Amazing, Super Model, Cutie, Princess, My Whole Word, Irresistible, Lovley, Foxy, Stunning, Heavenly, Alluring.

*Every Negative Word In The English Language*
I love You Alexys😘😘❤😍
by KngknnY January 12, 2020
a girl who is ridiculously difficult for no reason and tends to insist she is a rat queen, when in fact she is no such thing.
"Bitch i am the queen of rats"

"Hah, you are no such thing"
"Hey can you hand me my charger?"


"Ugh, you are such a Alexys."
by Meme_Overlord June 11, 2020
Alexis is an amazing girl, she is nice but when you mess with her or her friends she can be sassy. She is very smart and will always prove a point. Alexis will do anything she puts her mind to and will always succeed, when someone tells her she can't she does. Alexis can always keep a secret no matter what. Her smile can make anyones day be amazing. She cares about all her friends and always make sure they are happy. Alexis is a beautiful and charming girl, who cares alot about her friends and family.
by Fireball123 March 15, 2017