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The guitarist and occasional back up vocalist in canadian prog rock band Rush. His real name is Aleksandar Živojinović and is the son of Serbian immigrants. He is a highly talented guitarist, one of the best ever, but since no music media outlet ever cares about Rush, is often unappreciated. Plays a wide variety of guitars from Gibsons to PRSs. Can play better than just about anyone. He's nicknamed Lerxst from a mispronunciation of his name.
Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart, and Geddy Lee are the god-kings of progressive rock. Just listen to 2112 or Xanadu or La Villa Strangiato

In 2003, Alex Lifeson got into a brawl with police in Naples and had to be tased multiple times.
by M.O.T. April 8, 2011
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Style of house music similar to Daft Punk. This is mainly comes from France (durr), but is not solely french. Uses lots of cut-offs and phasers and samples from disco tracks. Makes you want to dance all night.
Good French house artists:
Daft Punk

Le Knight Club
Alan Braxe and Fred Falke
Louis La Roche (only non French one here)

by M.O.T. May 11, 2010
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Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo are the robo-gods of French house. They are:

1. Awesome

2. Robots, hot robots.

Despite becoming rather popular, they haven't let their fame rob them of talent. Made the famous songs Da Funk, Around the World, and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Only a fool wouldn't like them.
Person (fool): "Who cares about Daft Punk? They sux."

Person2: "Have you even heard their music?"

Person: "uuuuhhh.... no."

(Starts playing Alive 2007 album)
Person: "Holy Shit!! They are gods!!"
by M.O.T. April 20, 2010
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edm equivalent to pop, very popular, but not really the best. It has it's merits and shortcomings. It does take a great amount of talent to produce any sort of edm, give a regular music listener Ableton and lets see how easy it is to make a good song.
trance=/= techno, trance=/= house, techno=/=house.

Before you bitch about it, learn the difference.
by M.O.T. May 11, 2010
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House music that really carries the sounds of its origins (disco) and gives the song a 70's feel. Good examples of Disco house artists are Le Knight Club, Play Paul, Alan Braxe, Thomas Bangalter, and Daft Punk's album Discovery. Happy dance music.
Kid: "I'm going to put on some music."

(puts on some Le Knight Club)
Adult: "Say, this song makes me want to boogie like back in the days of disco."

Kid: "Dad this is disco house, not disco."
by M.O.T. April 21, 2010
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