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he comes from India, he loves the attention from girls, and he knows how to party. the Title of 'The Hallam' is rarely given to anyone outside of England and once you have it, it sticks. Alex is the one with the Title at the minute but he is being hunted by the FBI as he has stolen as much gold as he could from the American embassy. The title comes from the queen of France before she was beheaded. The Title of 'The Hallam' was then passed down from generation to generation until it was given to an outsider called James V. when he died he passed it to the duke of Germans who passed it to Alex Haloumi.
This is no inside joke, look it up on Wikipedia to find out more about the Title of 'The Hallam'
Alex ran from the FBI, they where coming fast.
Clutching to the power of his title he ran into the house next to him.
in the house he yelled 'I am The Hallam!'.

they hid him from the FBI and he escaped for a new day.
that is what the Alex The Hallam can do.
As a human he is extraordinarily small, but as a grape he is rather large. unfortunately he's a person and is classed as small. an Alex James is most likely got curly hair and is an Australian, he also likes to set people and other things on fire.

----------------------BEWHERAR THE ALEX JAMES----------------------
OH whos set you on fire
it was an Alex James
by The Grand Inquisitor of Life October 4, 2021
something you don't want unless you are a woman or have an epic mullet, in witch case you have a right to have long and lovely locks.
have you got Long hair?
small and flighty, wanting love but never getting it and always looking for the help of his friends. under the strain of life an Alex Halloumi stands strong and can face almost anything, but if a girl comes in then he'll be out in a flash. he also likes to watch people called Jaspal.
Girl 1: wow where did that Alex Halloumi go?
Girl 2: i thought he was just here.
Girl 1: well lets go find him!
Alex Halloumi: lets a mi-go-a-go-go.
One small man with a big dream. His hopes, though may look small to an outsider seem really big for a Thomas Dunn. A Thomas Dunn usually has a Mullet and likes to where sunglasses, unfortunate the mullet makes him look like a girl and the glasses have no style, But his friends don't think this maters as he is kind and funny with a good sense on food.

P.S. Girls really don't dig a Thomas Dunn, as gardening is not a UPS, ultra pulling point
Woman 1: Oh, look i wonder who she is.
Woman 2: I don't know, but she has lovely hair, But the sunglasses have no style.
Woman 1: Wait, that's no girl!
Woman 2: Are you sure?
Woman 1: Yes, its a Thomas Dunn!