The most unique name ever that I have I have only herd once and likes to throw snow balls at innocent girls outside

And love Nike joggers because they make is magnum dong bigger when you look at it

Not that you should be looking at it but isn’t so big that it catches both your eyeballs
Oooo lick it’s Dylan James go over and lick it
by Cichy club January 1, 2022
Alex Dylan James Anderson's are sarcastic creatures only found in dark areas of caves, when found you may find that they are holding a gaming console and in rare cases you may find them holding a Dungeons and Dragons box if you happen to come across them holding such rare item I highly recommend that you run away as fast and as quietly as you can as they have a habit of persuading people to play a "quick" game when in reality it will last for weeks.
Person 1 " I saw an Alex Dylan James Anderson holding a D&D box last weekend"
Person 2" No way man, hope you didn't get to close I heard they are very good at persuading"
by An sarcastic human February 2, 2020
Kinda like slender man, tall, white and with little to no distinguishing features.
Girl: He’s so cool, what’s his name?
Boy: he’s tall, white, and has no distinguishing features. He’s Dylan. He’s kinda a guy man too.

Girl: Dylan James Lane Lee??!? WOW
by roxogirl April 23, 2020
a young boy of the age of 14 from adelaide,SA who likes to lick the bootyhole and loves all the dick and drinks all the cum
oh look it's a dylan james ballone, coming for your kids
by Edgy0Boi May 14, 2019