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Such a lovely lady. Unique as they come. As bubbly as can be. Laughs at her own jokes. Has quick wit and charm. Likes to form strong bonds with everyone she calls a friend! But on the flip side, she can be sassy and argumentative when she’s not in a good mood. But beneath that thick skull of hers lies a little girl who only wants to be heard without coming across as too sensitive. Open minded to everything and everyone but she sticks to her opinions and only means well when sharing those thoughts. Enjoys a nice conversation and a cup of coffee. Cute chubby cheeks, thick lucious head of hair, and beautiful eyes which captures the souls of all boys who dare to look into them. Overall a beautiful human being whose energy is worth experiencing.
You should meet that Alethia girl, she’s quite the character.
by Yellowsun97 May 17, 2018
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Alethia is a nice lady, gives in when someone throws fits too much... very beutiful with long hair normal has vision problems and loves to read books people envy her for her looks and kindness
Says omg she's so pretty shes so nice too *thinks; Alethia is so nice and pretty with her long hair I wish soooooo badly I could be like her*
by Ella. G March 18, 2017
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