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Aleksandra a beautiful and hot girl who everyone loves, she extremely loyal to her friends and will always have an answer for everything. She’s sweet she kind she she’s beautiful inside and out, but you ain’t want to get on her bad side because in an argument she will ALWAYS WIN.

Aleksandra is so beautiful and hot!!
Aleksandra also means Tiara in another language.

I love you Aleksandra
1. Hey, have you how hot and beautiful Aleksandra is?
2. Yeah I’m so jealous of her but I’m glad to be best friends with her
1. Me to!!
by November 16, 2017
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A name for a girl who is well-liked by everyone. She always has a big smile ready for everyone, and loves to be around others. Can be very stubborn and moody at times, but she considers you as a friend, she will be extremely loyal.
In society usually a very popular person.
Smart, pretty, kind and active.
In Eastern-European societies spelled like this, in Western Societies usually as Alexandra.
There goes Aleksandra, looking gorgeous as usual.
by ali3 January 28, 2008
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Aleksandra is the Eastern-European female version of the name Alexander. Alexander is an ancient Greek name, which means "men's defender/warrior". It is a name, which was originally associated to the Greek goddess Hera.

Aleksandra is usually a strong, opinionated woman with great leader abilities. She usually is brunette.

Nicknames for Aleksandra are: Aleks, Aleksandrina, Aleksandrinka, Sashca, Sasha, Sashinka
"This is my friend, Aleksandra. She is from Russia."

"Aleksandra can be a bit pushy sometimes but she means well."
by quecarina-sole March 22, 2010
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Aleksandra is a name for stypid,dowdy and dreary person.If someone wants to give its child this name it's highly not recommended.
A;Don't be such an Aleksandra!
A;Don't be boring and stypid!!!
by 1@1@1@1@1@1@1@1@1@1@1@1 May 09, 2016
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