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A guy who knows a whole lot about a whole range of subjects; very smart. Loves intelligent conversation. In connection with this, has a highly developed sense of humor that is often far above other people's levels, often sarcastic.

A quiet sort of guy, but the sort of person that everyone would ask for help from.

Has high expectations from close friends, and is very selective at choosing friends that meet his standards.
person1 : "Hey I have no idea how to do this problem!"
person2: "Have you asked Aleem yet?"
by listentotheriver November 04, 2010
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the most gangster guy in the world.
his name is alim in reality
dont want to mess with this tough sum bitch
he fuk u up
hey man u see ray? alim fuked him up
by joe momma March 15, 2004
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Aleemz supakewl!!!:P
fun to talk to
hez #1!!! actuali #2 cuz #1'z taken:P (lol naveed)

Another related definition: naveed
by XxX SeXiE XxX March 19, 2004
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