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Great hair, one badass bitch that has a heart of gold complimented by her beautiful smile
by Aleanaslays May 13, 2016
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Aleana is a classy bad ass bitch,but is a softly at heart, she cares alot of others although she can make mistakes. She's loud and funny and can be shy to new people, she would always want to be liked by others and wanting to make more friends, she's not all around perfect but she will try her best to make you laugh! She would try to stay with the latest fashions but it's not her self, she would be loyal and a good friend to trust!
I love aleana! She's the best friend u can count on!!
by A_k_H December 31, 2018
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Satanic Slut who does not give a fuck about her brother, fucking only cares about herself because she thinks of herself as a "Queen". One time this thot made me get out of bed at 1:00 AM for no reason, this fag thinks she's special and shit. Well, I care about her but she does too much fam, like dam, always trying to be on top and shit.
Stop being an Aleana, you're becoming fucking annoying.
by WhaleThenOkay January 08, 2017
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