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Alea is a great and wonderful girl. She is so caring and adorable. She is talented and also smart ass. She loves to eat. She is not like that who is stay at home whole day. She likes to go outside and likes to travel. Everyone likes her. She is charming and also good at cooking.

She hates dramas but also helps friends waittt I forgot to tell that she actually have guy friends the most for then girl friends. She is so friendly.
If anyone get her as a girlfriend or best friend that guy or girl will the luckiest person in the universe.
Kevin : Alea is the goddess.
Cora : you’re lucky to have her...
by _Lil_Cora_ June 15, 2020
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Alea is a blonde haired blue eyed beauty with a good body but genuinely thinks she’s ugly. She is so gorgeous but doesn’t believe people when they say something to her. She thinks very low of herself tho and has extremely low self esteem but never shares how she really feels. All the boys want her but she’s clueless about it. Alea is the kind of girl that is a smart ass but can be extremely caring at the same time. She’s so funny in a sarcastic way and will make dirty jokes and is just hilarious in her own way. She’s definitely not a cryer but will beat herself up if someone she loves gets hurt. She is the best friend you could possibly ask for because she can understand many things other people can’t and will listen and give you great advice. Also she’s not the kind of person to stay in, she loves going out to hang with friends and going on crazy adventures;). She hates drama but likes to help fix her friends problems so she usually has more guy friends than girl friends. She’s attracted to the funny and damaged guys. Don’t ever lose an Alea if you have one because she is so worth to hold on to. You won’t know a better girlfriend or best friend after her.
Boy #1- “You’re dating Alea?!”
Boy #2- “Yea, I don’t know how I got her but I hope I never lose her.”
by March 28, 2020
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Alea is the most wonderful friend that you could have and will stick by your side no matter how distant. She will love you and hate others. If you win the way to her heart. Keep her. She gets upset sometimes but you usually work it out in the end. Love her and make her happy because she is awesome and funny. Some days will be like her since of humor has hit rock bottom because she laughs at the stupidest things like the word potato.
Person one: hey I just started dating Alea.

Person two: keep her close. She is worth every little bit of you love and affection.
by @Squirrel.A December 19, 2018
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alea is a beautiful girl with a strong personality. She’s always prepared to make anyone smile. She hates seeing people down but will be upfront with you only to see you do better in life. Cherish an Alea that meet. Girls like her are rare.
Alea is so caring and is the most amazing girl ever!
by yellowjuliannie October 31, 2018
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Almost-love every about

The term you use when you love someone but don't want to say it to them yet
Boy: Goodnight, I'll talk to you tomorrow
Girl: Wait, I have to tell you something.. I alea you
Boy: I alea you too <3
by TheTmay November 15, 2015
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Alea is a tall thin, brown haired brown eyed beauty, with creamy white skin and a tint of rosey cheeks. she is the most beautiful goddess in the whole world. snd she has a good makeout tounge, and she is great in bed.
people love her.
friends are envious.
she likes it.
boy 1: that girl was so hot.
boy 2; yeah i think i saw her in that one victoria secret commercial.

boy 3; yeah she is such an Alea!
by ashton whitterr February 27, 2009
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An amazing girl. Is never strate forward in what she wants to say. Very outgoing and rebelious. Beutiful and cool to hang with. Perfect (:.
"That alea girl is such a bitch."
by AKA anonymous (: September 20, 2009
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