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Beautiful in all ways possible. She should be loved by all but from how complex she is she is loved by someone more than she knows. She's Brighter than the sun to a persons life and More eligant than the moon. She is a one of a kind treasure that I will NEVER let go... <3
Guy 1: I need love... Where is Alaynah when I need her?

Guy 2: Probably doing what she needs to without you, but to survive you need to have an Alaynah...
by Hoochie Daddy December 10, 2010
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Beautiful girl who is open and out there, kind and loving, and an overall sweet and amazing person. Works very hard and is smart. Creative and musically talented, Alaynah has some incredible skill. She makes everyone she meets smile, and is always compassionate and understanding. Can be very competitive at times, but is careful not to offend others. An overall amazing person.
- "That girl is like a ray of sunshine; she just lights up the whole room as soon as she walks in."
- "She must be an Alaynah!"
by kickassdeadgirl November 06, 2018
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