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A rare name, for a rare type of gentlemen. Aksel's are sexually attractive and charismatic. Aksel's tend to be if the chill type, keeping calm when they are met by negative situations. They also are more fond of relaxing sipping to a beer in a corner talking than dancing and getting shitfaced.

Aksel's treat women with respect and are good at pleasing women in all situations, including sexual activities. All women tend to find Aksel's very love and fuckable, especially when they get to know him.
That guy is so perfect. He has to be an Aksel!
by Mariethehotbeast February 16, 2014
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A way of avoiding difficult situations, a clumsy move or an insult.
I was in for some serious trouble, but I took an Aksel.

I Akseled the TV...

You're nothing but an Aksel.
by Peder Herlin Solberg August 26, 2005
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