Air Marshaling: verb, the act of using a video game light gun while seated. The act of simulated shooting from a seat, as if attacking from a seat as done by the United States Air Marshals. Showing a profound sense of video game based laziness.
You are so lazy, sitting there AIR MARSHALING your WII.
by Swatmedic04 March 27, 2009
The physical manifestation of complaining. Good at world of tanks though.
“Air-Marshall is complaining.”
“When isn’t he?”
by Bord Rave April 25, 2019
The Air Marshal is an advanced sexual technique where you combine the Rear Admiral with The Flying Camel. The objective is to pilot the recipient of your penis around the room whilst flapping your arms and wailing like a banshee. Additionally, to initiate locomotion the Air Marshal must hop rather than step. The Air Marshall is an advanced technique because it requires both the technical requirements of the Rear Admiral with the sophistication and classiness of The Flying Camel.
Bro: Why's all your shit knocked over? And why's there a hole in the wall? And where's Lisa?
Me: Air Marshal, Air Marshal, and nursing a concussion.
Bro: Holy shit you Air Marshaled her?
Me: Of course I did! Now get me a Fanta.
Bro: Yes Sir!
by funk potato September 9, 2009
Generic term for someone who looks like a cop, air marshal or any type of law enforcement, but it dressed like a normal person. See: scenes from Bridesmaids, particularly their failed flight to Las Vegas.
Bro, put away the pipe...that guy in the dockers is a total Air Marshal John.
It's fine to drink in public, just look out for Air Marshal John.
Whoa, Air Marshal John alert - that dude in the short-sleeved dress shirt is definitely a cop.
by CTOilMan July 26, 2022