The word to use when you don't know what to use. This word can be used in many cases such as a scary moment, when you forget or don't know what to say, or even (my personal favorite) when the room is extremely silent and you want to make some friends.
CLASS: (completely silent reading their books)
YOU: Ahhhhhh!
CLASS: I respect you! You have broken the silence and ruined our concentration! I want to be your best friend!
by KLemon04 January 9, 2020
something that you scream when you are being mugged by a really scary dude with a pistol
O crap, ahhhhhh!!! get away from me you jackass!
by Foshizzle McDizzle April 21, 2006
Ahhhhhh! I'm so scared/nervous.
Ahhhhhh, what a nice day.

by Anonymous Person8 July 11, 2008
a sound you make when you moan
*ahhhhhh* more daddy
by cookkie November 21, 2019
by sadman69420 January 24, 2022
the thing you say when you are at work and there is so much work ahhhhhh
boss:can you stay over night we are short staff

person that work there: why that so much work ahhhhhh
by falloutboi123 January 10, 2019