(prounounced: Aahhh yyeeaaahhhh)
1. A normally emphatic utterance usually spoken to indicate enthused happiness, joy, or various types of victory, though dialectic evolution now sees the term used to express other emotions as well, such as surprise, anger, disappointment, even sorrow.
2. An emphatic utterance often spoken, principally by a male, during sexual intercourse at the moment of orgasm.
1. a. When "Sweet Home Alabama" came on the radio, I turned to Byrne and said, "Ah yeah!"
b. When the waitress brought my chicken-fried steak and mashed tatters and gravy, I took one look at the steaming dish, sat back and said, "Ah yeah!"
2. a. When Swain was humpin' Polls, he groaned "Ah yeah!" as he was sploogin'.
b. Horse was bangin' this chick in the backseat, and it wasn't long before I heard him say "Ah yeah!"
by P'tainz November 2, 2010
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Sarcastic saying doubting someone's actions or words. Similar to "Oh really?', or "Yeah I bet."
Bret: "Dude, I got so much action last night!"

Alex: "Ah yeah Bret?"
by Number 1 Stunner February 10, 2011
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conventionally used at a public place, preferably a grocery store or convient mart as a way to explain an arousing outburst of un explainable excitement!

So many variations of the term that can goofily be assembled to properly annoy the hell out of numerous crowding, unexpected civilians

the term is usually started off with a humble yet sneaky "ah ha yeah"... which than builds up with a either a double "ah", even than to a double or a triple, ridiculously high-pitched "ha" ending either the charming flow of the "yeah"
"Somebody wanna shout ah ha yeah?!" (very gospelesque)

"Damnit, gimme an ah ha yeah!"

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when you are excited about something or you think someone is hot!
ali, rach and chloe: ben aimes is hot damn shizam yeah-ah thats wat im talking about!
jane: im really excited about the dance...YEAH-AH!
by fatty gina July 6, 2006
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tone word: what dick matter ah
an open question asked when one is annoyed or being dominant
mut lun yeah ah?! can't you see i'm busy doing my thing?

mut lun yeah ah?! This is my playground so get the fuck out of here!
by peter February 8, 2005
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