The compound stupidity of a person so arrogant they can't see their own ignorance
You're agnorant when you tweet actual authors of books mansplaining the plot to them and how you know more about their own creation
by K, as in ok September 4, 2020
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ag-ner-uhnt , noun
1. people who are ignorant and arrogant simultaneously:
Example: Agnorant people believe they know more about science than scientists.
by theafterclap January 18, 2022
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Someone who is both arrogant and ignorant.
Gloria: ”Hey Jim, do you want to come to get some ice cream.”
Jim: ”No, I’m too good to be seen with a girl like you!”
Gloria: ”Wow, you really are agnorant.”
by B Talented January 6, 2008
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Agnorant is being so arrogant that whatever you say is true, no matter how ignorant.
Trump is so agnorant, he actually believes that whatever he says or does is completely justified.
by Lornagma July 12, 2017
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Someone who is as arrogant as they are ignorant. This type of person may believe that while they have dropped out of high school, never attended college, or have formally studied a topic that they are more knowledgeable about the subject and have woken up to some truth about it that they are automatically more intelligent and knowledgeable about it than experts in that field of study or topic.

An example of this is someone who listens to other people on the internet who share propaganda and pseudoscience, and watched a video on a website like YouTube, and will insist that vaccinations cause autism or do not work because they did their "research" and have "woken up" and that everyone else in the entire world regardless of facts, evidence and proof are wrong.
Billy is so agnorant that he believes he knows more about biology and physics than any other scientist in the world, and he dropped out of school in Jr. High.
by Angus Mcfife January 11, 2022
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A mixture of being ignorant and arrogant.
"After she took the test and saw it was positive, she straight up told her parents she was pregnant."
"She didn't even stop to think about what they'd do to her man?"
"Nope, I don't think she cared. She's definitely the most agnorant bitch I know."
by Mon Ait March 15, 2010
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the combination of arrogance and ignorance
- to be clueless and prideful of one's attitude at the same time
- embracing the concept that you believe you are way more important than your are in reality
- a confidence in not knowing as much as you portray
The author's agnorance was on complete display as they took credit for creating a word.
by Roland P. Hawkins September 7, 2017
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