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To hire someone or to enter the process of hiring an individual for a job.
We have been looking for creative new people to emplore.
by Angus Mcfife January 2, 2022
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Is a person who studies or is of the religion called Kopimism and in which is none Deity centered. Simplistic and yet has baffled many people around the world who cannot understand it.

A Basic overview.

The entire universe and even our own bodies which cells split and copy each other are made of copies and while selfishness is primitive and in all of us born out of selfish desire and old times when self preservation was difficult and the want to obtain shiny things. It is because of this that it is in our nature that we have an insatiable need to share with each other.

There for it is ethically right and sacred to do what the universe and what the earth around us and our own bodies do and copy and copy mix things. The core beliefs is that the internet is holy, All knowledge to all, The search for knowledge is sacred, Code is Law, and that Piracy laws are flawed and wrong because it prohibits us from doing what is not only ethically right but what is the reason why we are here on this world. Whether or not it is from a deity is unimportant really. What matters is we do our duty and Copy, Copy mix, Search for knowledge and made the information of the universe grow even more as we grow with it.
A Kopimi is something who studies the religion Kopimism.

I am a Kopimi
Kopimi is said as "copy-me"
by Angus Mcfife February 4, 2013
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When a woman tries to explain something to a man in a condescending kind of way, usually why they are right and you are wrong.
She was womansplaining to me about how I am a misogynist, and how fed up with my mansplaining she is.
by Angus Mcfife January 6, 2022
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A word coined by the 45th President of the United States of America - Donald J. Trump.

The meaning of this word can be used loosely, and be as a replacement for a name, place or thing when you are too unintelligent, or too lazy to use the real word.
I really need a Covfefe right now.

Yesterday, I was so Covfefe.

Despite the constant negative press Covfefe!
by Angus Mcfife June 1, 2017
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A Friendquaintance is just that, a friendly acquaintance but with the exception that they are someone you are frequently familiar with. An example of the difference between an Acquaintance you are merely familiar with and maybe on the way to being friends with is the nature of how the two of you usually meet up with one another. A friendly Acquaintance would be someone you have at least once or more times than naught-met with one another or discuss meeting in a place for a date, a hang out or what have you. It is someone you are personally familiar with through contact with them via only yourselves. A Friendquaintance however, is someone you only ever meet up with, hang out with, talk to or communicate with in any way is through someone else. You two regularly see each other each or other week at the least and have conversations with and like one another such as a friend would, but the condition that the two of you regularly meet is only through your friendquaintance and your friend, or family member to a lesser stretch is friends with them and they regularly meet up with each other which also, due to you being friends with your friend-you get to meet your friendquaintance.
I enjoy game night very much since it allows me to see my Friendquaintance, Allen.
by Angus Mcfife August 30, 2019
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Someone who is as arrogant as they are ignorant. This type of person may believe that while they have dropped out of high school, never attended college, or have formally studied a topic that they are more knowledgeable about the subject and have woken up to some truth about it that they are automatically more intelligent and knowledgeable about it than experts in that field of study or topic.

An example of this is someone who listens to other people on the internet who share propaganda and pseudoscience, and watched a video on a website like YouTube, and will insist that vaccinations cause autism or do not work because they did their "research" and have "woken up" and that everyone else in the entire world regardless of facts, evidence and proof are wrong.
Billy is so agnorant that he believes he knows more about biology and physics than any other scientist in the world, and he dropped out of school in Jr. High.
by Angus Mcfife January 11, 2022
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