Politically Correct Definition: Ageism is defined as being the discrimination against a person or group of people based solely on age.

Real Definition: A moronic belief system held by mentally-retarded fuckshits who actually believe that age is an accomplishment and that anyone who is young is inferior to "adults".

Fond of using the excuse: "you're under 25, your brain isn't developed yet" to win virtually all arguments against otherwise perfectly rational people who just so happen to be in their late teens and early twenties.

These type of people also often believe that their generation is superior to the current one, and that young people are to blame for all of the world's problems. Furthermore, these people think that they are always correct in all situations, due to the fact that they have "so much more life experience" and a "fully developed pre-frontal cortex" according to various bullshit pseudo-scientific articles.

Equally as annoying is ageism against elderly people, which mainly occurs in the workplace. In many countries people over a certain age are expected to be "too frail and senile" to work, even when the applicants are just as qualified as everyone else.
40 year old airhead: "Hey punkass, you on your way to get high and have anal sex with 7 virgins?"

18 year old: "No... I'm going to a job interview"

40 year old airhead: "Job interview!? At 18? Little children can't have jobs! Your developing brain isn't mature enough to handle the responsibility!"

18 year old: "Dude, that's ageism. I can work just fine. Where in the world did you hear that my brain is "still developing?""

40 year old airhead: "I read it on a news article! Cause I'm an informed adult!"

18 year old: "Who did the research for the article?"

40 year old airhead: "MADD! They've been a reliable organization for decades! What they say must be true!"

18 year old: "Ah, MADD huh? So that's why you're such an uninformed prick."
by Manwithnomission August 4, 2012
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Discrimination based on people's age, usually targeted towards teenagers or older adults.
"Bro, we're going to have a road trip in 2 days."
"Can grandpa go?"
"No, he's too old for that kind of stuff."
"That was some pure ageism."
by thedavetime159 April 9, 2021
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When adults automatically think people who are 14+ are doing something wrong in ANY situation, whether inside a store or just walking down the street.
*walking into store..looking around..goes to pay for item*

Shop Keeper: Can i please check your bag?
Teen: are you being Agist?

2. teen: There is so much Ageism in this country.
by appleville July 17, 2013
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basic racism of age,

we deserve rights, a kid should be able to learn how to drive,

a kid should be allowed to watch anime,

porn should be off limits!
ageism is
kid: mom, can i watch anime

mom: you are nine

kid: (mumbling) ageist bastard
by an ageitision May 18, 2018
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just as bad as raceism people can't do things because of their age

u can't drive until you are 16

i will sreve this man first because he is older
by anonumous December 30, 2005
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All those years before 1969, there was no ageism, then suddenly there is ageism. It makes you wonder if the same is true about sexism or racism, and how much you hear about any of it is actually true.
Ageism seems like one of those things somebody came up with that a bunch of other people joined in and said ageism, oh yeah, I know what this guy is talking about, I've experienced that too.
by The Original Agahnim August 1, 2021
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A type of discrimination that isn't real but kids like to believe it is because they want to be oppressed so bad and they're just upset that they're minors.
adult: "You need to be 21 to order an alcoholic drink here."
minor: "You know that's ageism, right?"
by i 69ed ur mom April 11, 2021
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