Similar to International Time, African Time is when one says they will arrive at a certain time, but arrive much later.

It should be noted that almost every African (on both the leaving and receiving end) does this. So, if one does actually arrive on "American time," don't be surprised if a party is still getting set up, a person is still getting ready, etc etc.
Guests arrive at an African party at 9 p.m. when the invite said 6:30.

Wedding invite says, "Note: There will be no African Time at this ceremony. It will start promptly."

You arrive at a party on time (craziness!) and half the food isn't done, the hostess is still in her cooking clothes, etc.
by Naija girl :) May 8, 2010
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Is a person of African descent ,meaning ancestors were of African heritage, that is born in America. America is where the individual was born therefore that makes them "American" as well as a African because of their roots. It is the political correct term of how to identify a person of African descent that is born in America.
Carlton's great grandmother was from Africa, but he was born on American soil to two African American parents that were born in the United States. Therefore he is African American.
by grad201011 March 12, 2010
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The state in which one finds themselves the next morning after a night of heavy drinking where the only food one can consume without vomitting is rice and water
Jess had the biggest african hangover in cuba.
by 313vagina February 23, 2009
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1. The value given to items with approximate cost of $500. Normally asking too much for what it is worth.

2. Another way to describe being ripped off.
Johnny: "Whoa that bitch wanted $500 for the works!"

Peter: "Shit thats about the price of an African Nation!"
by Timmmmmeh March 31, 2010
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A 'African Inch' is a unit of measurement which is almost like regular inches, except a 'African Inch' is measured double the size of a regular inch.
Girl: So, how big are you?
Boy: Baby, i'm 2 african inches.
Girl: Wow, 4 inches!
by NotGemstar March 26, 2018
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When a black man's large dick enters the vagina and exits her mouth. Side effects may include: balls coming out ears, and death. Obviously.
"Tina got effed so hard it felt like an African Kebab!"
"Man I'm gonna make an African Kebab outta her!"
by Purple Shades January 24, 2014
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A word mistakingly used everyday. Im a white guy, and I could technically be a african american if I was born in Africa, and thus, immigrate to America.

Though black peoples roots are in Africa, they themselves were not born there. So that just makes them American, like everyone else born here.
I have a mostly german/scottish/irish/ french background, my roots are in europe, thus am I european American? Nah, im just American, because I was born here.
by Not Zane October 5, 2004
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