A simple crack with no literal definition, it's merits are only how funny and stupid it sounds. And there is no comeback after you have been called an African Bootyscratcher, just walk away and live another day.
And yo momma got big ashy lips, ya African Booty Scratcher!
by Thundertyrant December 11, 2015
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is not someone who scratches his master's ass but more of an asshole. A snitch. A coward.
dang that gurl is such uh african booty scratcher!
by Charles Mckenzie January 31, 2009
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A slave that was used to scratch their masters ass, because they were too freaking lazy to scratch their own asses.
John! Go get me one of them African Booty Scratchers because my ass is really itchy.
by slave owner hater April 13, 2008
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An African Booty Scratcher is a African that scratches his white masters booty hole clean, this job is so horrible people us it as a diss
by the jews are back 101 October 13, 2017
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people that love to eat booty and don't know how to stfu and they love to scratch their butts and sniff it after!
ya'll are african booty scratchers lmao.
by papiarmani101 May 23, 2019
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A racist term used by American school aged children which compares stereotypical primate behavior to people from the African continent.
There were too many African booty scratchers on the subway this morning, I didn’t want to smell like a curry on my way to work.
by Luckyduckydoo September 9, 2021
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a rude and disrespectful term to describe black africans, some even used on black people who aren’t even african at all.
*sits alone at lunch table*
by ssamia April 17, 2021
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