When you get an erection from a hug, holding hands, when someone says I love you, or anything in that nature
Man I hadn't seen Olivia in awhile but I saw her and we hugged and got an affection erection.
by some fag October 17, 2015
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Any erection not caused by sexual stimulation, but instead caused by overwhelming sense of romance, or being in love.
“ I’m not even horny, I just love you so much you give me an affection erection. “
by Snakenet Janhole March 7, 2019
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When your penis becomes erect when talking to a girl, but not because you're horny or want to have sex. Its an erection caused by the good feelings of having a conversation with the girl.
I really like her, but I don't think of her in a horny kind of way. When I talk to her, I get an affection erection.
by isopropyl_80 August 12, 2018
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A gender neutral phrase to describe the intense emotional hard-on that is stimulated through infatuation. It is one of many side effects caused by catching feelings. Infatuation ejaculation typically follows.
I have a raging affection erection burning deep within the loins of my heart .
by P to the C September 22, 2017
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An erection which is sprung from a deep appreciation and love for something. This kind of erection is not gender specific, and there is no need to call a doctor if said erection lasts for more than 48 hours.
I have an affection erection for cheap tacos, pizza, or burgers after a long night of drinking.
by hsbones November 3, 2011
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when nicole and erin go from “FUCKING CHOKE ME” to “lemme kiss his neck and play with his hair” in .2 seconds
oh god it’s affection erection hours
by shnackn March 7, 2019
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The maximum love of someone/thing to where an erection may occur.
I have an erection affection over tacos
by SquirrelPower January 3, 2008
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