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When you get an erection from a hug, holding hands, when someone says I love you, or anything in that nature
Man I hadn't seen Olivia in awhile but I saw her and we hugged and got an affection erection.
by some fag December 08, 2015
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An erection which is sprung from a deep appreciation and love for something. This kind of erection is not gender specific, and there is no need to call a doctor if said erection lasts for more than 48 hours.
I have an affection erection for cheap tacos, pizza, or burgers after a long night of drinking.
by hsbones November 03, 2011
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A gender neutral phrase to describe the intense emotional hard-on that is stimulated through infatuation. It is one of many side effects caused by catching feelings. Infatuation ejaculation typically follows.
I have a raging affection erection burning deep within the loins of my heart .
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by P to the C September 21, 2017
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