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One of the big 4 brands for preppy clothes.

American Eagle: Nice, simple shirts that don't look lame but don't look like billboards. Nice prices.

Abercrombie: Ridiculously overpriced clothes that are way too small and ride too low. Totally conformist, out of style, and you're dumber then John McCain if you like them.

The stores are like, caves drowned in cologne.

Holister: Like abercrombie only a little cheaper... They're okay... Just don't get clothes that are too small, because that's a growing trend and it's stupid.

Also like a cave drowned in cologne. It's intresting to note that Abercrombie owns Holister, yet the ones in the mall still compete price-wise. It's ridiculous.

Aeropostal: The most affordable store. Has some nice clothes, and the best sales EVER. I'm not talking 20$ T's, more like 5-12$. Plus, they always have sales.

I like Aero best because it's not too popular and is the most affordable. Runner up would be american eagle.
Aeropostal is amazing.
by Rules1&2 July 25, 2009
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