Abbv. for Annual Equivalent Rate.

Interest calculated under the assumption that interest is paid and compounded per year.
The AER quoted may include or exclude any bonus interest that may be payable.
by Anthony J August 4, 2004
A stupid idiot who spends half their day online and threatens to kill themselves
Person 1: IM GONNA KILL MYSELF :((((((((((((((((((((((((
Person 2: Wow, please don't do an Aer.
by oofman6969 May 9, 2020
Mis-spelling of the word "are" which often occurs online.
Music aer great ;)
by H4Inf April 9, 2003
Used instead of the word "are", usually to indicate that it is rather lame and sad (in the same context as teh and yuo)
Yuo aer teh sux0r.
Or, you aer the dumbest person I've talked to in a long time.
by phatness March 27, 2003
Breathe in the aer. Let the aer fill your lungs.
by Mr. Spock July 20, 2004