Aegyo is acting cutesy. Usually used by kpop idols as fan service. Smiley and making heart with ur hands and fingers is key to aegyo. Basically just make you audience say "AWwwww".
"Oopa please do aegyo"

*Mark Lee throws up hearts❤💞*
by StanSuperM November 6, 2019
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A korean word that derives from the Chinese characters "love (ae)" and "beautiful (gyo)." The closest English translation of aegyo would be "winsome," defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as "generally pleasing and engaging often because of a childlike charm and innocence." Not surprisingly, aegyo is considered a feminine trait, generally attributed to women who can charm men and elders through a careful balance of sweetness, cuteness, poutiness, modesty, thoughtfulness, and submissiveness. A woman with aegyo knows to blush at dirty jokes rather than guffaw along with her mouth agape. A woman with aegyo knows to let out a modest and appealing squeal and grab tight her date's hand when watching a horror movie.
Some people just hate her aegyo.

Jessica had a great aegyo!
by I love SHINee!!! June 28, 2011
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In practical terms: A Korean word that refers to the act of people (particularly Korean girls) employing a sickeningly cutesy behavior in an attempt to appear attractive (usually towards boys).

When using aegyo, girls tend to speak in incredibly annoying baby-talk voices. This girl sitting next to me at a coffee shop is using this voice on her boyfriend right now and it's taking all my self-constraint to stop myself from reaching across the table and strangling her. But ya know, her boyfriend just bought her coffee and about ten pounds of sweets so I guess it's working pretty well for her.....

Aegyo tip: If you want to be excellent at contemporary aegyo, when speaking to a boy, *always* call him oppa. Yes, even if he's younger than you; who cares about the word's *actual* *correct* usage! Just go ahead and call him oppa anyway, you annoying little fuck, you. And remember: if you say "oppa" after practically every other word, the effect is even more powerful! Wow! (sarcasm)
Aegyo girl: Oppa~! My little belly is so rumbly~ will you take me to a fancy restaurant and pay for everything?? Please, oppa? Oppaaa~~

boy: OF COURSE ANYTHING I'LL DO ANYTHING (but actually I just want to take you to a love motel and get into your Hello Kitty-print panties)

Aegyo girl: Yay~!! Oppa...thank you~^^! But oppa, don't forget to take me to noraebang later and pay for that too, oppa~! SARANG HAE OPPA~!!11!!~!one!!! OOOPPPPPAAAaaAAa

Everyone else in the room: *suicide*
by Joh-eun November 6, 2012
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Aegyo is when a person acts cute in anyway. This is mainly used in K-pop, when idols would act cute/do cute gestures.
"Jimin oppa!! Please do aegyo!"
*does aegyo for fan*
by bangietannie_ February 6, 2022
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It’s a word from Korean that means acting cute. This can be with facial expressions, cute soft voice or doing cute things.
That K-pop idol is so aegyo!

Ikr, she is cute
by Cute girl<3 March 1, 2023
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by Taenun July 9, 2022
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