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Sounds like: Ad•ver•size•ing
1. Comes from crossing Exercise with Advertising...sort of...(you see, none of the advertisers are actually paying for any of this!)

2. The odd looking end result of the inexplicable compulsion to dress oneself in skin-tight spandex which is adorned with a multitude of corporate logos (which are NOT paid for by the corporations or any sort of corporate sponsors who's names and logos are displayed) and ride around on an expensive bicycle (also NOT paid for by any corporation or sponsors of any kind) in traffic for exercise; usually with no disregard whatsoever for traffic laws...their own lives... or the lives of anyone around them.

This effect is exponentially worse when found in groups.
Groups of "Adversizers" wreak havoc on a sunny day's evening commute... And a pack of Adversizers can wreck an otherwise wonderful Saturday morning drive...
1. That biker is 'Adversizing' for everybody on earth but his own employer.

2. Why do bikers wear those ridiculous clothes with all that Adversizing on them? They look like malnourished stock cars...or Lance Armstrong wanna-be's.
by Kippy's Revenge August 25, 2012
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