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the sweetest nicest guy in the world that any girl would be lucky to have, that makes you wanna wake up and get out of bed every morning, that cares for you no matter what and is the kind of person you never wanna lose
Adryan is the best!
by bob_saget111 March 03, 2009
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A gay little fag boy that like to tweet bomb threats to airlines, his Twitter is @ThisAdryan
Pixel: Did you see what Adryan tweeted?
Vigor: No?
Johannes: He just tweeted a bomb threat to an Airline
by JohannaBMW July 15, 2018
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An angel who is a great friend, but sometimes goes crazy and can be sexual.
Guy 1: Adryan is so beautiful!
Guy 2: She’s an angel!
Guy 3: I’ve caught her masturbating. Her vagina is perfect
by treesaregreat December 09, 2018
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He’s the most beautiful human being to ever live. He is a living god. He always wears grey cause it makes his ass cheeks look bigger. He loves all the women even if they are disgusting. He wants Melanie to be his wife but she won’t take him seriously( pls love me ).He also got hella bitches cause he got a nice sized cock and would love to sick it inside some worthy female aka Melanie.
lil booty nigga: did you see that nigga, he had a fat ass.
lil booty nigga #2: he has to be an adryan, wish I had an ass as fat as his cute ass.
adryan: y’all niggas gay
by nigga j. twerk March 22, 2019
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