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A beautiful girl who will take your breath away. She is smart, amazing, a true wonder and likes to play sports. She is someone everybody loves and wants to be! Once you have her never let her go! Treat her right because she is so totally worth it. she isn't jealous she is territorial. She isn't afraid to say what's on her mind, and she isn't afraid to take a risk! She has dazzling eyes and an amazing smile that lights up any room! the first thing you notice when talking to a Adrianny is her gorgeous eyes and her amazing body .She is impossible to forget SHE IS SENT FROM GOD! She is fun and is just flawless someone everyone will love <3 she loves her friends and is someone who likes to have fun. she is a very loyal person and cares about most people. she is short and Hispanic but is strong and athletic she is a powerful girl who boys get attracted to but girls will start wanting drama with
girl: i wish Adrianny was my friend
boy: its ok you can she likes new friends
by bby.daddy.e.18 August 03, 2018
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The definition of Adrianny a girl who is usually dominican, she is very pretty, and loves to hang out with her friends. loves to be a goofball while on FaceTime with her friends. She is a very trustworthy person. she can lighten up your day. she does crazy things to make you laugh. she also starts blushing when people give her compliments (especially boys). she is very loyal, a great best friend, sister, anything you can think of. she will always stick with you even through ruff times, shes the friend who will stay there for you. if your a girl and u say "im fine" she knows your not and she wont stop bugging you until you tell her whats wrong. she will care for you, love you, be there for you. so if you ever find an adrianny just know youve meet an angle.
girl: omg i rlly wish i could be adrianny's friend like shes so nice
boy: yeah she is shes acctually my girlfriend and shes so loyal shes so nice and i love her so much
by awsomeana August 02, 2018
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