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a sweet natured girl, with high ambition. She shines with love and joy. Always a loyal friend, and strong leader.
She was truely an adison, and led her team to victory.
by Olive You Photography February 03, 2010
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A super hot funny girl that loves to have fun and just love life! Usually tall and has long brownish light hair that just flows in the wind.Great tits and even better ass!You can fuck her once and that won't be enough because she's that hot!!
"Wow it's so hot today"

"Yeah I know it's such an Adison today"
by Katiekat1234bbb June 07, 2017
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Adison, the most popular girl at your school. She had the stylish brown hair, and always hangs out with her friends, Penny and Lainey. Always hanging out with the boys, Jace, Harrison, Ethan, and Sebastian. Don’t mess with her, she’s feisty. She has a sassy attitude and is the teachers pet. Straight A’s, (not surprising)
Boy: Dude look at that girl over there
Boy 2: Hmm. She looks like an Adison
by Xx_destoryer_xX May 08, 2018
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A pairing that involves Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta from American Idol Season 8. Everyone who supports Adison agree that these two have great chemistry and look amazing together. Most fans have even come to hope that they end up romantically together in the future.
Person A: Oh, my god! Did you watch Adam and Allison in Slow Ride and the finale? They look so good together!

Person B: I know, right? I am such a huge Adison fan too!
by dee_nasir May 30, 2009
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A pair of giant tits with nipples pointing in different directions.
guy: "show me your boobs"
girl: "okay!"
guy: "whoa! Put those adison's away!"
by Megastar887 December 18, 2010
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