A romantic comedy.

PS: yeah i know i m as lazy as snail.
mojo: "how was the movie".
aks: "yeah, gr8 i loved it, it wasa romcom."
by its_aks November 20, 2005
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something you will subject yourself to in hopes that you might get your dick wet.
I sat through that entire romcom, AND THAT CHICK NEVER GOT NAKED!!
by JarvisCristo December 13, 2010
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It basically used to explain any play or movie which is quite humourous along with a romantic storyline.
ajab prem ki gajab kahani film is a rom com.
whenever there will be any film made on my life, it must be a romcom.
by nerit January 4, 2018
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Noun: A movie of the "Romantic Comedy" variety that is panned by critics, all men, and even a majority of female viewers. These movies are mostly seen by suckers who are drawn to the theater on an unfortunate opening day, before the correct designation has changed from "Romantic Comedy" to "RomCom Filth."

A minority of viewers also watch these "films" in an ironic fashion, for gags.
Oh yeah, "Maid in Manhattan," one of my friends accidentally that RomCom Filth when it came out, because his girlfriend LOVES J-Lo for some inexplicable reason.

I actually saw it on Valentines Day last year - I was alone so I drank four bottles of wine and vomitted into a bucket. It was a good gag.
by Xander Cruz February 16, 2009
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Romcom Guy means the kinda guy who is aware yet unaware of things, like a character with contradictions. A mixture of McDreamy and McSteamy.
Eve: He is such an odd kinda guy. I simultaneously love and hate him.
Adam: Oh! Maybe he's a romcom guy
by Your ex McKilljoy July 23, 2015
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The thinking that having a relationship partner will make your life problem go away.
Rosie is having a romcom syndrome with her boyfriend.
by Reekisbased April 13, 2022
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