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When you first meet her you'll think she's quiet but once you get to know her she can end up being you bestest friend. She's really popular and everyone in her class/school likes her a lot. She's really pretty but she can have a low self esteem sometimes. She is DEFINENTLY not a caca faced bitch.
Johnny: Dang! She's looking good
Kelsey: Who?
Johnny: The quiet girl over there
Kelsey: Oh that's just Adesola
by unicornprincess457 March 09, 2018
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Adesola a really nice person who is always really kind to others and supports them but doesn’t support herself she doubts herself a lot even when she is being amazing she is always so cheerful and give anyone a smile. Her laugh is so contagious and can make everyone laugh around her.she is amazing
Adesola is a very smiley person
by Quilladrelous February 19, 2018
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People bearing the name Adesola are frequently shy,interested in people,want to know more about people's lives
Go get me Adesola
by morayn March 23, 2017
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Caca face bitch , she's funny but then again she's not . really great personality wise but can be a slut
There goes the how ,adesola
by Puta betch July 29, 2015
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