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Simply put, the first two humans in existence which would be fully compatible with the belief that evolution is correct. After all every human can trace their ancestry back to y-chromosomal adam and mitochondrial eve which might be the entire concept that religions were referring to when they claimed that there was a "father" and a "mother" of the human race.
Adam and Eve meet y-chromosomal adam and mitochondrial eve (although they lived thousands of years apart).
by Skialian January 9, 2014
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A closet homosexual is what most gay supporters are. These supposedly "straight" people spend all their time defending homosexuality that it's clear that they must be gay themselves hence their obsession with it. They call anyone who finds disgust with homosexuality a "bigot" even if they don't hate the gay person themselves. Their common argument (which is also illogical) against "gay haters" is that they must be gay themselves because they find the concept of two guys pounding each other hard in the ass repulsive. Perhaps it's these gay defenders who are gay themselves?
Jimmy: "Anyone who doesn't find two men kissing cool is a bigot and homophobe and probably a closet gay themselves!" (meaning that gays hate themselves)
Jack: "Yeah I agree! I'm a straight man but I love gays!"

*Jack and Jimmy walk away from the crowd that they were preaching too and then start sucking each other's cocks*
by Skialian January 5, 2014
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What most atheists are hence their constant whining about homosexuality.
Jimmy the closet gay atheist took a huge cock up his ass while preaching about his bullshit atheism.
by Skialian January 5, 2014
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Simply the idea that God created the universe and it doesn't necessarily relate to creationism or the evolution theory. The idea of a creator has firm roots in logic, deductive reasoning, the scientific principle of causality and just general common sense because nothing can't do something.
Creation of the universe by a god is what most educated people believe. Atheist idiots however believe blindly in something from nothing (which is illogical) and the evidenceless hypothesis of abiogenesis which proposes that life arose from non-life but this is rejected by most people with education in science.

Atheism is bullshit.
by Skialian January 9, 2014
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Most atheists are Christophobic for their irrational fear and hatred of religion, religious people, crosses and Jesus Christ (just mentioning his name drives many of them on emotional rants). Many of these atheist idiots are hypocrites who are against the bullying of gays and atheists but espouse Biphobia (which is discrimination against bisexual people which is exhibited in many gay people) and discrimination against religious people.
Jack the gay atheist was Christophobic and blindly believed in nonscientific ideals such as naturalism and abiogenesis. Jack was an atheist idiot.
by Skialian January 9, 2014
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A Google suggestion when "Power Bottom" is typed in. Established by angry gay atheists who hate Jesus because he taught peace, love, compassion and empathy but apparently the gay and atheist crowds don't like that and have taken to insulting him in this way or perhaps the homosexuals secretly yearn after him just as much as the atheists as they can't seem to stop talking about him or Christians.

Personally I think atheists (i.e queers) want hard Christian cock but because they can't get it they take their sexual frustration out with stupid insults such as this. Apparently it's wrong to call a gay man a queer or faggot but they (along with atheists) are allowed to mock Christians because they've had bad experiences in the past with a few Christians. This type of double standard isn't acceptable and I suggest that the queers and atheists fuck off and take a huge one up their ass and have an anal prolapse as a result.
"Power bottom for Jesus" was an insulting term originated by an angry gay atheist who had a prolapsed anus after taking too many cocks up there. He also had aids and anal cancer and was slowly dying as the result of his anal sex with men outside of gay bars.
by Skialian January 7, 2014
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Dumbass Atheist is a meme that, like Scumbag Atheist, makes fun of atheists. The meme typically uses the the "genius" meme as its template but is modified so the A symbol for atheism is on the forehead of the rage face. Knowyourmeme defines the "genius" meme as "a rage comic character and an expression used to marvel at someone’s stupidity. Because of its dubious use in criticism of others and self-deprecative humor, the character shares common grounds with other memes in the rage comic universe, particularly some of the more sarcastic ones like “You Don’t Say” and “Watch Out, We Got a Badass Over Here."

The other form of the Dumbass Atheist meme uses a template of a man (who is presumably gay) holding a piece of bread next to his mouth that is shaped like a cock. Dumbass Atheist differentiates from Scumbag Atheist by mocking the dumbass arguments of the atheist (hence the name) with the meme making fun of how atheists spew things out of context, create straw man arguments or use ad hominems.
Dumbass Atheist:

"I'm gay and The Bible says God hates gays so therefore he doesn't exist!"

"Bad things happened to me. God didn't stop that and therefore he doesn't exist!"

"One Christian was bad to me! Therefore they're all the same!"

"My prayers didn't work and therefore God doesn't exist and we all came from nothing!"

These common bullshit arguments ignore thousands of years of philosophy and logic and are emotional based rather than rational.
by Skialian January 5, 2014
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