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R/cringe is a subreddit where users post pictures that are cringe worthy. Most of these consist of pictures from r/atheism and their popular unintentionally hilarious "faces of atheism" campaign where atheists take pictures of their (very often) ugly faces with a caption about why they're atheist (often hilarious as they are rather pretentious about themselves). Unfortunately, like with all of Reddit and most of the interwebs nowadays, Reddit is also overrun with hypocritical politically correct mindless zombies where woman-shaming is tolerated but anything mocking a homosexual is suddenly "homophobia" even when much of the behavior of a flamboyant homosexual is cringe-worthy to any straight person. Unfortunately the world is now overrun with these sods who are filled with propaganda or who are either closet gays themselves.
R/cringe is popular with people who are cringe-worthy in real life. After all not many decent people actually really use Reddit for such long periods of time.
by Skialian January 05, 2014

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Despite the other definition saying that r/atheism is not a place filled with bigoted assholes, it is. Simply a visit to its front page reveals this and calling all the members of one faith "brain washed" is not only being retarded but it is also generalizing on a foolish preconceived notion based on personal experience.

The idiots over at r/atheism are incapable of having an intellectual discussion. They simply post insulting memes about God and Christians (they mostly don't touch on other faiths as they have an irrational hatred against Christians) but ask them why they're atheist and they can never give a good reason. Some of their reasons are below:

"I'm gay and God hates gays and therefore he doesn't exist!"

"My sister died! God didn't prevent that and therefore this universe came from nothing!"

They will not consider any other world-view such as agnosticism or deism. Anything disagreeing with them is "Christian" or "unscientific" even though they're the unscientific ones for relying on anecdotal claims.

Recently, r/atheism came up with a series of images where its members would take pictures of themselves explaining why they're atheist. For a good laugh, Google "faces of atheism" and go onto images. You'll find half-naked men and old balding men sticking their middle fingers up saying that they don't believe in God because they are intellectual. As if! These monkeys clearly don't know their left hand from their right!
r/atheism is the home of assholes and professional quote makers such as A.A Lewis.
by Skialian November 22, 2013

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Stephen Hawking is a physicist who is considered the best since Einstein and Newton. He is also an atheist prompting many mindless atheist nuts to use arguments from authority. It's obvious why a man like Stephen Hawking is an atheist. It's not intellect that encourages him. It's emotion stemmed from the condition he suffers. You can see that this is the case when an otherwise intelligent man uses a evidenceless hypothesis (multiverse which is science fiction) to advocate atheism. Unfortunately many atheists now use arguments from authority by asserting that because Hawking is an atheist, it must be correct.
Stephen Hawking, an otherwise great scientist whose emotion caused him to put his faith in an evidenceless hypothesis to explain the origin of the universe.
by Skialian January 08, 2014

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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), published by the American Psychiatric Association, lists gender dysphoria as a mental illness. The condition is also sometimes known as: gender identity disorder, gender incongruence or transgenderism. Contrary to the transgendered people raging on here it's not something that's "normal" and these people need therapy rather than surgery.
Jimmy thought he had been born as the wrong gender so he had a sex change and is now Transgender.
Jimmy thought he had been born as the wrong gender so he had a sex change and is now transgendered person.
by Skialian January 04, 2014

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Darwin's bull dog, so called because of his dedication to the evolution theory. He was an agnostic (but possibly atheist) who mistakenly believed (like all atheists and agnostics today) that the theory of evolution debunked God and The Bible (when this is far from the truth since evolution merely contradicts the account in Genesis and simply explains the variation of life rather than the creation of life, although atheists like to think abiogenesis is true, it's an evidenceless hypothesis and not a theory like evolution).
Thomas Huxley and Charles Darwin would regularly give each other BJ's.
by Skialian January 08, 2014

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The creator. God existing is logical because this agrees with Cause and Effect which atheism is against. Most of the definitions here are from atheists and their lack of education shows with how illiterate that they are. They think that the evolution theory debunks God when it doesn't. Deductive reasoning leads us to say that God does exist because the opposite would be to believe that nothing did something which is impossible. The Big Bang is not what created the universe. The Big Bang theory explains what happened after the creation of the universe and gives evidence that there was a beginning (i.e a creation) which is what the atheist is opposed to. The science is against them.

The sad idiots on here ranting about God clearly are the "power bottom for atheism" type of atheists and love receiving it hard.
God, the being who atheists hate with such passion despite saying that they don't believe in him.
by Skialian January 07, 2014

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