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A small town in Georgia also known as, "Crackworth" or "Assworth" There is a downtown area and an urban area. A lot of the people are either normal, wiggers, "gangsta's", whores, or airheads.
Mother: Oh look, a special occasion is happening at the Acworth square! Let's cross the parking lot!
Child: I'm innocent! Let's go!
Dad: I as well am not too bright! Let us go to the square!
*Car is driving RIGHT next to them, pretty fast*
Mother: What on earth is this moving object? WE'RE GONNA DIE!

*Note that Acworthians are stupid. The story above is a true story, using myself as a witness.
by TFizzy December 03, 2010
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a city in Georgia with a bunch of country people and people who think they're ghetto when their not. A town full of wanna bees
"don't mess with me I'm from Acworth and I'll shoot you"
"shut your stupid a** up cuz you know you're not ghetto and you won't do anything"
by blackbutterfly101 December 02, 2011
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