A storytime channel that claims to animate your story but actually just makes up their own ridiculous tales. They post daily which is even more ridiculous as it takes at least a week to animate a story. Their actual stories are just stupid because the things that they talk about won't actually happen to someone. Btw this channel was made by the Soul Company which also made Brightside and 5 minute crafts. (just search them up)
Tom: I sent a story to Actually Happened and they still didn't animate it!!
Marisa: Don't you know that Actually Happened's stories are fake???
Tom: What?! I didn't know that!!!!
by CHEESEBURGERBIGMAC November 13, 2019
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A phrase for use to highlight an ensuing awkward or unbelievable event. Mentioning that it is 'actually happening' helps to address either the awkwardness or awesomeness in the situation to everyone present. Therefore, can be used as a positive reinforcement to encourage the behaviour or as a negative reinforcement to discourage the offender.
Use in positive situation: Three hot women approach man and his friends in a bar and ask if they can join them.
Lucky Man: "This is actually happening."

Use in negative situation: A friend among a group starts to complain about other members of the group in an irrational and mood-ruining manner.
Any other group member: "This is actually happening."
by Rydo December 20, 2010
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An animator that uses the same fucking people to animate fake stories, hoping that someone would literally think the shit they upload is real.
Friend: what's a synonym for fake?
by ScizzorCut March 10, 2020
the ACTUALLY HAPPENED youtube channel didn’t actually happen and the removal of it did actually happen but what did and what did not actually happen and was it all planned, setting you in a loop, thus the paradox
Some Person: wait the ACTUALLY HAPPENED channel was removed and that actually happened. wait so did it actually happen?

other guy: yes, that did happen but it didn’t exist so it’s The ACTUALLY HAPPENED Paradox.

Some Person: ???
by JustMilk June 13, 2020
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