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An animator that uses the same fucking people to animate fake stories, hoping that someone would literally think the shit they upload is real.
Friend: what's a synonym for fake?
by ScizzorCut March 09, 2020

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A very cute and lovable dog, but also hogs the fucking covers all night
Friend: "I love your shih tzu! I would love a dog like that."

Me: "Well, do you want a furry friend that doesn't let you keep warm at night?"
by ScizzorCut March 09, 2020

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A game that was made in 2018, but somehow got hella popular in fucking October 2020. It’s a fun game, but it’s annoying as fuck because people won’t shut up about it.
Friend: You’re kinda sus
Me: I get it, you play among us. Now please, for all that is holy, shut the fuck up.
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by ScizzorCut December 15, 2020

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