Fake nails, made out of acrylic gel that you get done at a nail salon.
Girl 1: Omg I just got acrylics, you like?
Girl 2: Yea, I wish I had em!
by lele2328 November 21, 2019
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The Acrylics are a band from Scotland based in the city of Elgin. They are the bollocks no more words need saying.
Indie boy - Here min have you heard of the The Acrylics?
Mod - naw are they decent like?
Indie boy - aye they are quality cov
by somecuntonUD April 15, 2021
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New gangsta slang meening dope or ill/ illest.
Dang that is some acrylic sh*t man!
by Priince April 24, 2011
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Primaraly used in gay sex. A man takes a shit and forgets to whipe, the other man softly places his cock in the other guys anus and covers it with shit and paints a pretty picture on the mans ass cheeks.
by Chad Doxbury March 17, 2005
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usually used to described what has thought to be the best type of music/band ever produced in world which usually consist of extremely talented and beautiful band members.
omg that band are such an acrylic iqon!!
by deanoj August 27, 2006
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A person who does whatever he/she feels he/she must do, and whenever, wherever and however he/she feels he/she must. No matter what others think he/she should do. Acrylic Freelancers follow a new type of religion called Acrylic Freelancing, and are known as Acrylic Freelancists. This religion is not like any other, and can have people faithful to other religions, faithful to this one too, because this one respects people's beliefs. Acrylic Freelancers can be pretty or ugly, sane or insane, black, white, or purple it doesn't matter. Acrylic Freelancers can pursue short or long-term employments if they feel they must. The only concrete things about Acrylic Freelancing are that Acrylic Freelancers follow what they consider freedom in life. Acrylic Freelancers are not biased in any way. And they ALWAYS respect other's beliefs and other Acrylic Freelancers. Acrylic Freelancers are thinkers and they know what they do and what will happen when they do it.
Online User 1, "Hey, what's your religion? I'm christian!"
Online User 2, "Yo, I'm freelance."
Online user 3, "I'm cathlic, and what's freelance?"
Online user 2, "It' short for being an Acrylic Freelancer.
It means I respect people, as well as their gods."
Online User 3 and 2, "You respect people? And their
beliefs? So if it's my firm belief that all
freelancers should get beat up and publicly
humiliated...what would you do?"
Online user 2, "If you attack me I'll beat the sh!t out of
you. I didn't say I was a pacifist, numbnuts. I just
won't try to convert you, or beat you up in the
name of God."
by Acrylic Teen May 20, 2007
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A woman who routinely spends a large amount on fancy Acrylic nails. Someone who feels "naked" without her nails done and gets her fills as soon as she needs them. Her nail salon knows her by name.
"Cardi B? Oh yeah, her nails are beautiful! But soooo expensive... she's an Acrylic Queen for sure!"
by Alabaster Skye November 18, 2020
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