Basically a more modern equivalent of the word 'psychedelic'. Describes anything that has a hallucinogenic or surreal quality. The word 'Acidious' itself refers to acid, the slang/street name of LSD.
Dude 1: Whoa, check out the patterns on that girls top...
Dude 2: How acidious...
Dude 1: Amen brother.
by Firelovesugar April 20, 2009
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Of or pertaining to something that has an acid-like quality.
See acidic.
Oftentimes my fingers are more acidy than salty.
by Jack Roberts August 11, 2005
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When some thing is too wet it's almost toxic and dangerous.
That slip N' slide was way too acidis, my dive into the watery obis became to acidis for me to handle!
by Joey Shomagan January 22, 2011
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Where one has very bad heart burn or acid reflux causing an acid feeling in the chest and throat.
"Ugh I have that Acidy feeling again it's horrid!"


"Yeah it's like an Acidy feeling in my throat Dr..."
by Queen Noodle October 3, 2017
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