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Where you're visiting a friends or partner's house the first few times and you need to poop. So you wrap your hand in toilet paper and poop in your hand then when you're done quietly put it in the toilet making as less noise as possible!
"Yeah Susan, I was at John's house for the first time and I needed to do the Chocolate Bandage of Doom!"


"I didn't do the Chocolate Bandage Of Doom properly a nugget fell off my hand and onto the floor...!"
by Queen Noodle October 3, 2017
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When you're simply too lazy or poor to get more tissue so you pick up some old crusty tissue out the bin to blow your nose on so you don't have to move or buy tissue.
"Hey man you still got that cold?"

"Yeah, I was so tired I had to Crusty Blowback I couldn't be bothered to get more tissue "


"Fuck man I just had a wank and I had nothing to clean with so I had to Crusty Blowback!"
by Queen Noodle October 3, 2017
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Where one has very bad heart burn or acid reflux causing an acid feeling in the chest and throat.
"Ugh I have that Acidy feeling again it's horrid!"


"Yeah it's like an Acidy feeling in my throat Dr..."
by Queen Noodle October 3, 2017
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