To agree strongly, show excitment.
Thor: Hey man Christman nubs are annoying

Myles: Haha, amen brother!
by Myles Niemeyer January 10, 2008
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Something you say to express emphatic agreement with someone's prior statement.
Tool #1: "You probably shouldn't put diesel into your dad's Ferrari."
Tool #2: "Amen, brother."
Tool #1: "I need to go to the gym every day so I can get really diesel. Girls like that, I think."
Tool #2: "Amen, brother."
Tool #1: "You know what's an awesome CD? Shaq Diesel. It's even better than Allen Iverson's debut album, Vanilla Ice's last album, or any of New Kids on the Block's old stuff."
Tool #2: "Amen, brother."
Tool #1: "2 Fast 2 Furious just wasn't any good without the awesomest most extreme hardcore badass motherfucker alive: VIN DIESEL!!!"
Tool #2: "What the fuck, man? Paul Walker is the shit. Vin Diesel sucks a fat one."
Tool #1: "Dude you're such a tool I don't know whether to make fun of you or build a shed to store you in."
Tool #2: "Oh yeah? Your mom."
Tool #1: "That's harsh, man. You didn't have to go there."
by Nick D July 13, 2004
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Source of possibly the most used Drum and Bass break ever, this song by The Winstons made for some of the best (particularly old-school) tracks ever. The high tempo of the original and the tight, compressed sound of the solo made for a natural break that moves the booties.
Oh, shit, he dropped amen! Head is bobbing.
by moift August 10, 2004
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A turn of phrase commonly spoken after prayer, in order for a person to establish a macho persona while still remaining reverent.
Preist: ...Through christ our lord, Amen.

Dude: Amen, Brother Ben.
by FinneyFlame January 11, 2020
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