A vertically challenged person, usually a wrestler who likes squirming with men. They are usually good looking and have a good sense in music.
"Man, my teacher is such a Acea, but he doesn't look good." Said John. "Man, don't insult Aceas" Said Marcus
by Inuphant January 24, 2008
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A short, fat, balding chipmunk like creature. Usually suffers from crippling depression because of his lack of human contact. Notoriously know for their horrific stench aceas must use 2 cans of deodorant a day just to dampen the blow from the disgusting smell.
“He seems really depressed, must be an acea
by Not Ur friend Thomas July 15, 2018
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This is a guy that is a stripper ikea he tends to run in walls and is short. But he is a stripper and that will most likely become his real job.
by Therealzzstripper May 19, 2020
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An enlarged male who has the Penis of a rat. He’s a smooth criminal with a man in his bed and likes to squirm with naked guys. There’s no telling what the heck he’s got up his butt, maybe a jackhammer, chainsaw, or even a wheel! Easy enough to say, he career for him being a male stripper, is an easy talent he has overcame in his past 14 years!
I heard that acea Pearson likes to barbecue his nipples on the pavement!
by April 01, 2019
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