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The premier all-girls catholic prep school in Philadelphia. The "Teach them what they need to know for life" motto is very fitting. St.Julie is a prominent figure and should be as she is their foundress. Whether it's statues or her feast day, the girls are aware. The girls her are respectful and truly come out of their shell. They don't care what people think of them and speak their mind. While most are athletic, many also spend the majority of their time in the dance studio or in the Connelly arts building. They defy many of the all girls school stereotypes in that the girls are almost always kind to each other. Door holding and hellos are common and many girls are quite nice. The girls like to have fun, and often gripe about the amount of work but for the most part get good grades. Baked goods are coveted at ND and when you miss your assigned snack day for your put in the mead hall with Grendel. But while this school is excellent in all academic, athletic and social aspects, they lack in the boy department. Unless you know boys from your childhood or they live around the corner, you don't meet guys through ND. The crazy good atmosphere here makes up for the lack of guys. From their IRISH sports bras to their ND socks, these girls are sisters neath the gold and blue and seem to adhere to the Honor Code. GO ND!
"Hey you got a prom date yet?"
"Not exactly, I think I'm going to ask this guy I went to elementary school with."

"Qui est bon de bon dieu!"
"There's a sunflower right there"
"How good it the good god? Sunflowers turn toward the sun you know."
"Oh ok so you went to the Academy of Notre Dame most girls from there know a ridiculous amount info on sunflowers."
by IrishGreyhounds December 15, 2011
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