She is such an amazing person and one you can tell anything to. She’s got your back no matter what. The most trustworthy person you will ever meet. Also very funny and goofy and she knows how to make people laugh. Her insecurities may get to her but she is beautiful inside and out.
Omg Abie is so pretty and nice and I wish she was my bsf.
by Glow queen April 1, 2019
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A smart girl that always speaks her mind she can be funny when she thinks she's not you will fall in love with her because she is just to lovable. Can be shy at first but she gets out of her she'll after a while
Is that Abie she is so shy!
by Yayabee March 4, 2015
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One of the most trustworthy person you will ever meet.. she will always be there for you... but can be missguided if her mom is either gone or she has to care for her... i loved her once... not anymore
Abie is so nice.
by Stalkeronfacebook August 19, 2010
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Abie is a girl who is insecure deeply.she thinks she is fat and she fishes around others opinions.she self absorbs compliments.She is sometimes slutty like really slutty.She thinks she will be in the popular group but she just ain't worthy of that.She is the type to get hard depression.She thinks she can relate to others pains but really she cant handle her own.once she is committed to something there ain't no going back for her.
Abie is unwanted
by Noelbrown January 19, 2020
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Abie is a girl who is insecure she thinks she is chubby.She fishes into other people's opinions.She is slutty like quite slutty.She does not know how to give up on self pitying.You will always have enough of her but u can never let her go.She is most likely to have dark brown or blonde hair with blue eyes.Abie cant control her emotions.She is most likely fake
by Noelbrown January 19, 2020
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Someone who's been through a lot, someone who is strong. Not physically, but emotionally, she once fell in love and it crashed and burn, scarring her. She is very social and has no drought of friends, but she still seems to keep to herself, worried she might get burned again. Most boys feel honored if they ever hear some of her personal feelings, they treat her like a queen because abi doesn't just open up to anyone. She wants to be unique, not like the other abby's, she is her own unique person that deserves respect.
Zack- I had her once, and I let her go, I miss abi a lot of times
Jon- Why did you ever let go of her, I wouldn't
Zack- It was impulsive, I miss you abi...
by secretly anonymous March 20, 2018
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