A game where 3 or more girls put peanut butter between they legs and sees who’s dog will go to the other first and lick it off, and then sits on jars and sees who’s break will first I they ass
Me and my girls finna play abow tonight
by Thrashing January 19, 2022
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Another meaningless phrase for brain dead gyal to scream out every 5 seconds. From the Song ShantiiP x TarioP - Throw it back
No one:

Meady yat: ABOWWW
by TheOddWaffl January 5, 2022
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Jess doesnt believe Abow is a word.... Abbbowww!!!
by Abow user anonymous May 20, 2011
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A word that tiktok bitches use, while sounding corny saying it.
girl: ABOWW

boy: stfu
by stfucornball January 20, 2022
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slang for omg/wow mostly used in european countries. its origin is turkish/arabic but it’s mostly used in german and sweden.
+What happened to her? Is she okay?
-No, she got it into a car crash yesterday

by defnelover January 5, 2022
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“abow” means to hype or gas someone up.
by 414lk January 8, 2022
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abow mean wow or dam
abow she’s so pretty
by abowgirlboss January 12, 2022
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