Always loves to talk to people and make them laugh. Plays on the computer mostly all day. He also has 8 girlfriends at one time. Always likes to eat deformed rabbits. And hates people who make fun of his religion.
Hey guys I pulled off a Abou johnny said as he ate deformed rabbits.
by awesomecoolloverkid March 20, 2009
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The best person that there is, usually wins at every MMORPG online
by BlackForce November 17, 2008
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A cocky person that loves to win.
Usually nobody likes them.
They tend to play an MMORPG's.
They also join Clan's in game.
I hear You have become an Abou?
by p00n3d_y0o February 16, 2008
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"Abou" means "father" in arabic
"Zaki" means "intelligent" or "smart"
So "Abou-Zaki" means "father of intelligence"

Abou-Zaki is a family name. You can find members of the Abou-Zaki family in the Middle East, Europe and The USA
by simonee77 July 10, 2011
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Abou Diaby is an absoloute monster who intimidates any opponent he comes up against. He is the most vicious animal ever to be let loose on a football pitch and makes players want to bury themsleves alive when they catch sight of him in the tunnel. He does not stop until he hears the bones of his opponent snap, and posseses inhuman strength, no footballer can match his ferocity, or equal him.
in the carling cup final v chelsea
Abou Diaby smashes john terry's face in a fit of rage with his boot, as the corner is swung in diaby unleashes a volley to "clear" the ball instead he "accidently" knocked the chelsea captain sparco, for the rest of the match the chelsea players stayed well clear of the beast. he was allowed to roam the field unchallenged
by Konza September 5, 2007
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A common typo that is conveniently an aphrodisiac. It can often disrupt an online conversation.
"Can you make sure you ask her abou tit?"


"soooo, anyway..."
by birth control September 25, 2009
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when ever black people say "about you", it comes out as one word abouchu, the T is dropped and a "ch" sound is added...
they ain't talkn abou-chu' ! ! !
by Big D... September 6, 2006
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