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Blair can be your friend or your worst enemy. She can be just like every other particular girl...shes thinks shes ugly when everyone else shes beauty in her. If she's your friend, Blair can be a talented artist, singer, or writer. The truth is..Blair thinks VERY negative about herself. When everyone else sees the opposite. Blair only really has a few close friends, but has a lot of acquaintances. She usually sticks to dark colors, but if she feels like it, she could wear bright colors everyday. If your her enemy. She wouldn't be afraid to smack you or cuss you out in public. Yea yea...she seems lonely, but shes not. Blair as a whole gang behind her.
by LittleMiss_Honey January 19, 2020
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Abigail is a stronger and smarter than anyone expects her to be. She can be stubborn as a bull sometimes, but only because she is always almost right. Abigail has been through some more pain than most people can even imagine, but her struggles have made her indestructible. She is the most loyal friend you’ll ever have, and never judge her assumptions about anyone, because she’ll end up being right. She’s loved by those closest to her. Abigail is smart, but she doesn’t always show it. She knows it gives her an advantage when people underestimate her. Abigail’s only weakness is that she cares too much. She always try’s to put on a smile even when she doesn’t feel it, cause she doesn’t trust most people.
Abigail is a quiet and shy person.
by LittleMiss_Honey November 5, 2019
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