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A classy, handsome alpha male, who is known for his chivalrous attitude and high ideals. He has a great taste in music and could be your personal vocalist for a life time. He is imaginative, romantic and one could fall head over heels for him. He is protective, fantastic and lovable. And not to forget he makes you week in your knees and once you are there he knows his next move, still a keeper.
Oh common ! you cant let him go, people like him are so rare, he is so abhimanyu.
by Jess418 February 20, 2013
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The Indian sex god. Amazingly intelligent and can summon females on their knees with a click of his fingers. Legend has it, if you are to stare into his eyes you will fall under an inescapable ancient Indian love curse which will last all of eternity and you will become one of his thousands of sex slaves.
Girl #1: Abhimanyu is sooooo sexy!
Girl #2: I know right! But don’t stare into Abhi’s eyes or you’ll become his sex slave.
Girl #1: *Intensely stares into Abhimanyu’s eyes*
by The Indian Dictionary October 23, 2018
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