Abbygail is possible one of the most amazing people that you will ever meet. She is kind, loyal, intelligent and extremely understanding. If you become her friend you will never want to let her go. If you become her best friend she won't want to let you go either. Abbygail will sometimes blame herself for other people mistakes, so she will need you there to help her feel good about herself. You should consider yourself blessed if you have abbygail as a friend. You are luck if you love an abbygail. You are even luckier if she loves you back.
Damn is that an abbygail
by jazzha d February 8, 2020
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Abbygail is beautiful girl that is considerate. You’ll feel constantly like you don’t deserve such a wonderful girl in your life. You’ll feel like she’s constantly keeping a secret and you’ll want to uncover it. If you wait and get close enough to her she might let you in. She is always going to be a light in your life no matter how she is in your life. She some how comforts but makes you feel uneasy all at the same time.
Abbygail is the love of my life.
by Magsamillian October 27, 2018
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An outgoing , strong,beautiful and kind girl. Who would take a bullet for you with out a question and would stand by your side as a friend .
Wow! Abbygail I can't believe that you stood up to him for me.
by Wolf2447 August 10, 2017
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A beautiful and intelligant girl that loves everyone and cares about people's feelingsA beautiful and intelligent girl who cares about her friends and family
by queen0112 March 12, 2015
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A smart, beautiful girl that is always friendly. Once she is your friend, she will be your friend forever. She makes a great girlfriend.
Abbygail is my best friend. She is so smart and beautiful.
by =) goodtimes December 22, 2019
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Abbygail is a bitch that's good for nothing and lies to her friends
by Niglitgod March 23, 2020
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Abbygail Sciuto is an attractive gothic female criminal scientist star from the show NCIS. Can be seen reguarly drinking energy beverage "Caf-Pow."
Abbygail Sciuto: Something's hinky!
by DanielW June 11, 2008
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