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A really sweet, intelligent, and pretty girl who is may seem quiet at first but is is extremely loyal to close friends. An Aashi cares about other people, sometimes making her naïve or a pushover. Aashi's need adventure-- they don't stick with one person for too long unless they're close enough. They need people they can trust in their lives, but will also be extremely insecure at first. Aashi also glow up real good.
Kyle: Aww that girl's so sweet!
Danny: Yeah dude that's Aashi
Kyle: Dammmmnnn she glowed up...
by xx_Kat_xx March 19, 2018
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Aashi is an Indian name which means beautiful smile. Aashi is one of the most beautiful people you'll ever meet. She is drop-dead gorgeous, a part time head-turner and a full time jaw-dropper. She defines the word "hot", both in personality and looks. She loves to joke around with guys and is always the center of attention. She can be loud and if you mess with her, your life will become a nightmare. She is compassionate and has the best hugs. She's really curvy and loves to experiment with clothes. Aashi is also really smart and competitive. Lastly, she definitely lives up to her name, her smile can light up anyone's day!
John: Hey there Aashi!
Aashi: Oh hi John!!! Did I just give you a boner?
John: You sure did! You're damn hot!
Aashi: Awwww... That's such a cute thing to say! I'll meet you in the locker room at 12! Don't forget, babe!
*Aashi sashays away*

*10 minutes later*
John: I scored! I'm gon' fuck her at 12!

Justin: Congrats, mate! Go for her infamous body!
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Noun \ˈa-shē\

1 : of or relating to a small-ish person with an intense urge and desire to slap strangers and close friends of or relating to anyone named Pilar in the face with a chair in the occasional and/or frequent use of nouns as verbs.

2 : of or relating to a small and glassed person with a bottomless blue lunchbag filled with never-ending samosas and Indian quesadillas. Often seen in algebra problems in the search for other people to find x, the number of boyfriends an Aashi has.

3 : A type of salmon. Pronounced Sal-mun.

4 : A little Indian Mexican Girl.
Pilar: Heyyyy Aashi!

Aashi: ...

Pilar: Can I algebruh? Hahahahahhahahha

Aashi : *Slaps in face with chair* NO you forgot to count all my boyfriends!

Mallika : Hahahahhahahahhhahaha omo you're such an aashi.

Therese : hahahaha I know right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by thisisnotwhatitlookslikeorisit December 30, 2014
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