(something or someone) that makes your jaw drop.
Matt: "Did you see that girl?"
Mike: "Yeah she's a jaw-dropper."
by r.l.frisby November 27, 2008
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A sexual maneuver in which the the girl is on top, facing the man, who is on his back. As she is riding him, a friend comes from behind and penetrates her anally, causing great surpise, or "jaw-dropping".
Steve was bonin' his girl, and Al decided to pull a Utah Jaw Dropper on her. Needless to say, that bitch freaked out!
by theyoneman March 28, 2007
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“A maneuver (usually derogatory), consisting of a man poking the back of someone’s head with his erect penis, in a similar fashion of the German soldiers putting their guns to the head of a Jew during World War II.”
"dude, i snuck up behind kyle after I got out of the shower and gave him a Jewish jaw dropper."
by Lloyd Franklyn September 29, 2007
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