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Truly great friend with a loving caring heart. Such a special person and many would be lost without him but not to his knowledge. He is friendly and always looking for the best in people can be dirty minded at times but is just truly amazing he touches hearts of everyone he meets and has gone through difficult times and opens up to people he trusts. Has a good humour only matched by his goodlooks and can always make people smile even when they are crying. Is trustworthy and caring. Any girl would be lucky to have him.
Aaron White He gets to know people before judging them<3
by minion<3 February 09, 2014
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Gay homo faggot who loves to watch gay porn during his English and keyboarding classes. Loves to make farting noises from the mouth. Has a large Jew fro. Indeed is a Jew. loves penis. has a chode. has sexually intercourse with clay weeks. Takes 15 inches of meat down his trachea. Acts like a 10 year old. Ugly face. Miniature horses that came on him. Has constant bleeding from the anus.
Aaron White is infact all of the above and loves to give anal to Clay Weeks on the weekends.
by Todd Kobeluez May 27, 2009
Happy St. Patties Day!