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1. Word meaning commander, master, or leader. 2. A man who takes after these qualities and who is probably very attractive, brilliant, and dresses well. Also kinky in bed.
"Who is that man at the front of the room?"

"Aamer, who else?"

"Oh my God some Aamer just asked me for my number!"

"Sounds like you're in for a ride." *winks*
by mag546gpsh56 March 07, 2009
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The most sexiest man in the world, in the whole FREAKING WORLD! Aamer I want your body! He used to go to my school and he was f-ing HOT!
I wanna fuck Aamer so bad but he left my school a year ago.
by breeannnn November 30, 2011
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A sexual act involving peeing in a girls butt, made popular in late 2006 in Delaware. Sometimes called a Ghabra.
"dude, i got so drunk and Aamered that chick TWICE"

"i'm going take you home and give you an aamer"

"how much to aamer you"

"Lets get drunk and I'll give you a Ghabra you'll never forget"

by Peter Delaware December 03, 2006
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